online school fee payment

Online School Fee Payment

More than 60 pre-integrated Payment Gateways

Activating Online School Fee Payment is as simple as 123. All it takes is 3 clicks and 3 days to activate your choice of payment gateway. Educational institution - K-12 Schools, College/University, Training Centre can start collecting fee online conveniently using SchoolTime.

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Create Fee Structures

Easily create school fee structure the way you want. Configurable application works like an e-commerce engine.

Assign fee to a Class/Batch

Map a fee to an entire class/batch or even a single student. Helps reduce workload of creating invoices one at a time for the entire school.

Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways

Choose your payment gateway from 60+ global supported systems. Click 3 buttons and you are live to receive online fee payments.

Auto Invoice Generation

Click one button to generate invoices automatically for entire school, entire class or just a particular student.

Auto Payment Updation

As soon as an online payment is done, system automatically updates the invoice status to Paid. No need to manually reconcile from bank records.

Business Analytics

Get a complete data visualisation of your finances, with easy charts to quickly understand payment outstanding and receivables, total income, and other important metrics.

online school fee payment

How does this online payment work behind?

Check this explainer video to understand everything about online school fee collection

Trusted payment Gateway partners

  • History

    SchoolTime partners with only the most reputed payment gateway companies of the world. We ensure complete application level security and compliance process followed by the payment service providers. Most importantly, we ascertain that every complain is taken care by the payment gateway company. KV Fees, online school fee payment system, school fee management software free, school fee collection software. More than 60 Payment gateways are pre-integrated with SchoolTime and all you need to go is apply for a merchant license with your choice of the payment gateway. Check the list of Integrated payment gateways here.

  • Approach

    We partner with the world's best Payment Gateway companies and negotiate preferential transaction charges for SchoolTime customers. We also ensure that every payment gatway company provides a single point of contact to our customers so that any dispute can be resolved.

  • Culture

    SchoolTime application does not store or save credit card details or net banking details. These are directly accessed by the payment gateway application from inside your SchoolTime app. All of these payment gateway companies maintain the best security systems with 100% successful transaction rates.

  • Method

    SchoolTime development team is continuosly working to build secure integrations with Payment Gateway companies. Our integrations ensure that no technology complexity is left for our customers, who just need to copy paste activation codes in their SchoolTime to go live for collecting online school fee payments.

Online payment

Read why your School should not choose a standalone payment system.

Read this white paper on how schools have faced inconvenience with standalone payment systems. After all, what good is a system which your students and parents will not be able to use?

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FAQ: What is online school fee payment?

Answer: Students and Parents can pay the school fees using SchoolTime’s integrated online school fee payment system. With more than 60 payment gateways integrated, Schools need to just open a merchant account from their preferred payment gateway company and activate it in SchoolTime.