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A Student Information System packed with awesome Features.

10+ SMS Service

SchoolTime comes pre-integrated with more than 10 of world best SMS providers. All you need is to sign up with them and activate the SMS gateway in SchoolTime. 

60+ Payment gateways

Pre-Integrated with more than 60 payment gateways spanning almost every country providers, as well as global payment service providers. 

4 email delivery servers

Integrated with professional email delivery servers like Mandrill and SendGrid, you can send communications with assured delivery.

Give Access to Students, Parents, Teachers, Accountants..

Why wait?
Multi user

24 X 7 X 365 access to your Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents & Accountant. Application provides access to all your stakeholders who get to see what they are expected. We simplified the complexity of user privileges so that you don’t need to worry about it.

Multi Language

SchoolTime automatically detects your preferred language and translates the entire application in your native language. You can also change the language with just 1 click. More than 22 languages with ready support. If you need more, you can also create your own language without writing a single line of code.

multi curriculum

The system is so flexible to allow your school to configure multiple Boards or Curriculum. All classes, students, examination, grading and related are aligned as per the Boards selected so that you can easily manage multiple curriculum within the same system.                                                

classes & batches

Create Classes, Section, Batches and tag students to these to automate your actual school planning. Tag same student to multiple classes as well. SchoolTime support any combination of student to class mapping. 

Time Table/Schedule

Easily create flexible TimeTable for conducting classes in a planned manner. Teachers, students, parents can all view their respective timetables in their login.


Create and publish a list of all examinations for the current academic year which will be visible to Teachers, Students and their parents using their respective logins.

advanced analytics

Focused, Usable, Disruptive.

Continuous improvement in focused approach towards making the student information system user friendly, easy to configure, easy to use, with substantial reduction on end user learning curve. Explore how SchoolTime is disrupting the software space by transforming enterprise grade software into consumer friendly technology.

intuitive dashboards
  • Teacher Workload Analysis
  • Attendance Analysis
  • School Stats
  • Over Due Payments Analysis
  • Male Female Ratio Analysis
  • Student Leaderboard
attendance charts
  • Class-wise Attendance Report
  • Individual Student Attendance
  • School's Average Attendance

finance reports
  • Income Reports
  • Expense Reports
  • Dues Reports
  • Transaction Logs
  • Variance Reports
  • Student Directory
  • Teacher Directory
  • Parent Directory

focus areas

  • unified communications
    Let's Talk and engage

    Send bulk emails to selected group of recipients or all. Notify concerned recipients with auto triggered email alerts on invoice payment, assignments, notices and circulars, and more. Use default email system or even add pre integrated high performance email delivery servers from Mandrill and Sendgrid.

    Chose to communicate via bulk SMS service for all notices or even alerts. SchoolTime provides ready integration with more than 10 SMS gateway providers like Nexmo, Twilio, Tropo, Plivo and more. More Details

  • academics management
    Cool academics management

    The grading system has been designed to adapt to any possible configuration and standards. You can configure the grades easily to CGPA, CCE, CWA, or any other system that your school or institution follows. Teachers, Administrators can assign marks of students for every examination taken. The marks are stored within the system and can be viewed by the students and their parents from their respective logins.

    Teachers can create assignments for students which are visible and trackable to the students and also their parents from their respective logins. Integration with Google Classroom adds to your convenience. 

  • finance management
    finance at your finger tips

    Create expense categories, record expenses. Automatically track Income. Integration with 3rd party accounting tools like QuickBooks helps you to sync between your accounting applications as well. SchoolTime allows you to create flexible fee structures. You can create fee categories, and fee types. Fee categories will help you to understand which category of fee is fetching you more revenue. 

    SchoolTime supports all the currencies of the world. More than 60 pre integrated payment gateways allows you to start collecting online fees from students or parents in less than 3 clicks. More than 60 payment gateways support, more adding soon. Based on your fee structure, you can automatically create invoices and even track their status. Integrated payment gateways allows your accountant to come out of manual invoice updating and receipt generation.More Details

  • ancilLary units
    quick utilities

    Your School can even manage your transportation fleet with this module. You can assign Routes to specific transportation assets and map students to these routes. The mobile app helps in tracking the position of the bus using inbuilt GPS tracking systems. This saves you cost of investing in additional GPS hardware.

    You can even manage your dormitories or hostel rooms, assign rooms to students, manage, monitor and bill. Create your library books reference, track issued books and return dates.

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